Communications Subcommittee on Courtesy Creates Webpage

Courtesy of Communications Subcommittee on Courtesy

It is a brand new year, and many of us are hopeful and resolve to make 2024 the best year ever. While making plans to be better versions of ourselves and accomplish great things this new year, let's not forget about being courteous to those around us. Don't worry. There is no charge for the type of courtesy we are talking about, and very little energy is required. 

For example, you can smile at a neighbor as you pass them on the trails or hold the door for the person behind you as you enter a building. For the high achievers among us, consider baking a dessert for your neighbor, spending time with a friend who may be struggling with loneliness, or performing a random kind deed for someone you don't even know. 

To help keep you inspired along the way, TLA's Communications Subcommittee on Courtesy has developed a Courtesy Webpage ( where we will post articles, inspirational thoughts, pictures, videos, and more that showcase courtesy in The Landings and beyond. Don't worry. Even if you think your kind deed is too small to share, please know we want to hear about it. Send your thoughts, pictures, videos, and ideas to

Well, go ahead, get out there and do something awesome! We are 99.9 percent sure you WILL like how it makes you feel, and you could even inspire others to join you. After all, Courtesy is Contagious...Catch It!

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