Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

In September 2023, we ran the following educational information on the Guardian Pro system and The Landings Association’s authority to utilize cameras to enforce speed limits. I believe that this information is important enough to share a second time as we kick off 2024.

As mentioned early last year, we finally received our radar trailer equipped with a camera. The cloud-based program can auto generate emails for speeders. If you receive one of these reminders, please slow down and remain in compliance with our speed limit. Most of the streets have a 30 MPH speed limit unless posted otherwise. Periodically, we will share data pulled from the equipment to show how we are doing in various areas of the community regarding speeding. You will find the first of this data below. Your mindfulness, positive engagement, and responsible safe driving in our community are greatly appreciated. If you want to check out the new system, please take a look at the videos below from TrafficLogix on the Guardian Pro system:




I have received a few comments questioning how a homeowners’ association can use cameras to enforce speed limits, while police departments and government agencies have very stringent restrictions for their use. In a nutshell, we are not enforcing State laws, but rather enforcing Landings Association Rules and Regulations. The Landings Association obtains its authority to develop and enforce reasonable Rules from the Covenants, which states:

11.3.1 Authority. The Association has the authority to develop reasonable Rules and Regulations, including Architectural Guidelines and Private Property Maintenance Standards, and to enforce such Rules and Regulations, the Declaration, and Bylaws, as provided herein. The Rules and Regulations shall apply to all Owners, occupants, visitors, guests, and tenants. These powers, however, shall not limit any other legal means of enforcement by either the Association or, in an appropriate case, by an aggrieved Owner.

State laws do not restrict how the Association may choose to enforce such Rules and Regulations. “Reasonable” comes to mind, as well as industry standards and best practices. All of which are part of the growing trend for cameras being used to enforce speed limits within gated communities throughout the United States.

 I’m hopeful this tool will assist us in identifying problem areas (and hopefully not any habitual offenders) and promote an increased awareness and desire for safer driving habits and roadways. Don’t be surprised if you see the traffic radar on community paths as well.

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