Bring a Tree for The Chipper or Leave It for Tuesday’s Dry Trash

Once the presents have been opened and the last bit of Figgy Pudding is gone, many residents are left wondering what to do with their Christmas Tree.

Chatham County Public Works will pick up Christmas trees with the normal Tuesday dry trash pickup. All ornaments and decorations must be removed from the tree and it must be separate from the other dry trash to ensure the tree will be properly recycled.

Again this year, residents can participate in Savannah’s Bring One for the Chipper  tree recycling event sponsored by Savannah/Hilton Head International. Through January 7, residents can dispose of their Christmas trees through Bring One for the Chipper by bringing them to the airport’s recycling lot on Aggett Drive. Before dropping off a Christmas tree, residents are asked to remove all lights, ornaments, wire, hooks, string, tinsel, and fake snow from the tree for a smooth recycling process. While at the drop-off site, residents also are encouraged to recycle any wrapping paper and cardboard boxes that may be left over from the holidays.

The trees will be ground up into mulch and used for landscaping, soil erosion prevention, and water retention efforts across the airport and other areas in Savannah.  

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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