2024 Additions Application - Swimming Pools

A non-refundable review fee is required at the time of application.

Required Items

  • Application Fee (See Fee and Deposit Schedule)
  • Plans
  • Photo of Existing Area
  • Tree Survey (if applicable)
  • Variance Application (If applicable)
  • Variance Approval from County (If applicable)

Plans (1 Set Digital PDF) Please show existing & proposed

  • Site (1”=10’ Scale)
    • Shows lot lines, setbacks & all structures
    • Drainage
    • Full footprint of adjacent properties
    • Show adjacent areas as unimproved, developed, common, etc.
  • Foundation (1/4”=1’ Scale)
  • Floor Plans (1/4”=1’ Scale)
  • Elevations (4) (1/4”=1’ Scale)
    • All sides affected
  • Exterior Lighting (If applicable)
  • Landscaping Plan
1 Start 2 Payment
Contact 1


Please upload any supporting documents, including plans and Chatham County permits.


Please provide the details of your Existing space below.


Please provide the details of your Proposed space below.


Please provide a color sample and description.


You Can Upload Multiple Files, One At A Time

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