CES, Chatham County 911 Dispatch, Skidaway Island First Responders Information

Mon, 10/09/2023

By Board President Herman Stone and Security Director Tim Cook

Many Landings Association Members have called and written the Association recently regarding the transition of emergency dispatch from Chatham Emergency Services (CES) to Chatham County. As part of this process, the County has agreed to notify Landings Security of emergencies so officers can help escort the ambulance to the correct address. However, at the time of this writing, Chatham Emergency Services nor Chatham County 911 Dispatch will dispatch Skidaway Island First Responders (SIRF), as the group is not a licensed medical first responder service.

Our Association recognizes the importance of this issue and has maintained an ongoing effort to persuade CES and Chatham County officials to include SIFR in 911 dispatches. We have emphasized the critical emergency response service this group has provided on our island over many years.  Chatham County has acknowledged the value of the service provided by SIFR. However, County officials maintain that SIFR should take the steps necessary to become licensed.  It is essential to clarify that TLA has no decision-making or legal authority in this matter. As previously stated, we have been and will continue to be advocates for Skidaway Island First Responders.

Landings Association Members are reminded that The Landings Association funds an on-island paramedic stationed at the fire station on McWhorter Drive who is dispatched during emergencies. This arrangement will not change under the new process, and whether residents call 912-355-6688 or 911, EMS will be dispatched promptly.

We will continue to persist in our efforts to find a resolution and keep the community informed when we have pertinent information to report.

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