Backyard Buzz – Landings Harbor Potential Amenity Addition

Wed, 11/15/2023

Q. Has The Landings Association’s Board decided to construct a picnic building at Landings Harbor Marina without informing the members or asking for community input?

A. No. Recent community chatter has talked about a potential new Landings Harbor amenity that has some inaccuracies. Below are the accurate details. 

High-level, conceptual discussions have begun regarding the feasibility of a multifunctional structure at Landings Harbor that could be used for special events, like weddings and birthday celebrations; musical performances; and an informal gathering spot for friends and neighbors. Two brainstorming sessions have been held with select Landings Association Board, staff, and representatives of Landlovers, New Neighbors, Skidaway Audubon, Coastal Conservation Association, and Kiwanis. These are all organizations who give back to our community and have a vested interest in making The Landings the best it can be. However, to date, none of these organizations have earmarked funds for the construction of this proposed structure. 

There has been discussion off and on for several years about how to better utilize this beautiful marina for non-boating activities available to all owners. Some basic agreements among all involved are:

  • Don’t block the view of the picturesque Wilmington River
  • Minimize any green space disturbance
  • Create a multi-functional facility that can be used by a wide range of user groups
  • Direct any sound toward the water and away from neighbors’ homes

What’s not yet decided

  • Design
  • Size
  • Exact Location
  • Cost
  • Funding sources
  • Timeline

There is much to do on this very preliminary work to bring something forward to the community for feedback. When the Association has something concrete to share, we will do so. The intent is to receive community buy-in before proceeding in any meaningful way with this long-discussed project. We will provide more information as it becomes available from the working group noted above.

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