Sharing The Landings with Wildlife

By Greg Freeman -
Natural Resources Manager

Living in an island paradise often means sharing it with other animals and native species that also live there. Such is life in The Landings with the many birds, deer, armadillos, wild boar, and other animals that consider it home. 

Just like our human neighbors, there are times when our wildlife neighbors may become ill or injured and require human intervention. If you are out and about in the community and stumble across an ill or injured animal, below are a few helpful tips to keep you safe and get it the help it needs. 

  • Never approach an ill or injured animal as it may misunderstand your desire to help and attack to protect itself. 
  • Make Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Division (1-800-366-2661) your first call. Deer and some other wildlife are protected by state law and this division is best equipped to properly assist with sick or injured wildlife. Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ website includes a list of wildlife rehabilitators that also can assist. Click this link ( ) to learn more. 
  • Landings Security does not respond to ill or injured wildlife. However, if you stumble upon wildlife in need of assistance after hours or cannot reach Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Division, you can call and report the issue to Security (912-598-1982, option 2), and an officer will contact The Landings Association’s United States Department of Agriculture Representative and the Association’s Public Works team to evaluate the situation. 



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