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Road Maintenance

This week, Bennett Paving completed road repairs on Sparkleberry Lane, Candlewick Lane, and MacKay Lane and will continue to work through 2023 operational road repairs next week. Bennett Paving is in the process of scheduling the punch list repair items on Priest Landing Drive and will begin working on the repairs within the next couple of weeks.

Storm Drain Maintenance

Southeast Pipe cleared the blockages in storm drain pipes on Rookery Road, Tarrowridge Road, Cabbage Crossing, and Windswept Lane this week. 

Community Path Maintenance

Absolute Concrete continued working on community path panel repairs along Westcross Road, Brandenberry Lane, and around the Main Gate this week.

2023 Stop Bar and Crosswalk Painting Program

KM Striping began Phase 1 of the annual stop bar and crosswalk painting program this week, which includes areas in Marshwood and Deer Creek.

Lagoon 4 Bank Stabilization

The re-stabilization along Lagoon 4 (located on the intersection of Priest Landing Drive and Marsh Tower Lane) was completed this week. The lagoon bank along the community path had significantly eroded causing some safety concerns for those traveling along the path. The re-stabilization includes the addition of shoreline plantings which will not only help the bank stabilization, but also the aesthetics of the lagoon. 















Annual Fire Extinguisher and Alarm Testing/Inspection

This week, our service provider, Pye Barker, completed the annual testing and inspection of the fire extinguishers located in each of our facilities, vehicles, equipment, and Marinas. Next month, Pye Barker will return to complete the annual fire alarm testing and inspection at TLA Building, Public Works Building, Delegal Marina Sunset Room and BrightView’s facility. This annual inspection is funded through our operational account.











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