On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Reckless Driving

On September 16, Landings Security received a report from a resident claiming to have witnessed two vehicles dangerously speeding and almost causing head-on collisions. Security Officers searched for the described vehicles and were unable to locate them. Officers ran both vehicle registrations, and the incident was documented for future reference. We ask residents and guests to uphold all Rules and Regulations for The Landings. Please review the attached link for reference: Page five (5), E.1, https://www.landings.org/sites/default/files/resources/Governing%20Documents/Rules%20and%20Regulations.pdf

On September 15, Security responded to a report of stolen Items from a resident’s home, on Benedictine Retreat. Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) was called to the scene to take a statement and is investigating the incident. Criminal acts pursuant to all Federal, State, and local laws and ordinances, including theft, will not be tolerated, and violators will be prosecuted to the extent the law allows.

Suspicious Incident

On September 18, Security intercepted a woman, attempting to gain entry by tailgating another vehicle. The woman identified herself as an Amazon driver. All vehicles entering the community must be registered with The Landings Association. Drivers of vehicles without an RFID or a valid pass must stop and be processed through an Access Facility (gate). Amazon drivers are permitted with authorization beginning at 6 a.m.

Warnings and Citations

  • Warnings and fines were issued to vendors for not displaying logos on RFID-equipped vehicles and/or for not using safety cones.
  • Several warnings were issued for overnight parking on the street.


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