Where to Place Your Yard Debris Post Hurricane Idalia

The winds and rains from Hurricane Idalia have passed and many members are starting to clean up their property. Please make sure to place items appropriately to prevent flooding on your street.

Remember, yard debris should not be placed on storm drain caps, roadways, or in the gutter valleys along the roadways. Additionally, do not allow your lawn contractors or tree companies to place items on the curb or Common Property. Chatham County will not pick up debris on Common Property. Normally, yard debris (dry trash) can’t be placed curbside more than a day before Chatham County pickup (Tuesdays). Due to the extensive downfall, The Landings Association will not be enforcing that at this time, as Chatham County is sure to be backed up with collections.

As shown in the diagram below, debris should be placed in the right-of-way, behind the curb, or along the edge of the pavement. 

Thank you in advance for helping to keep our streets and storm drains free of debris!

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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