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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Hurricane Idalia Preparations and Clean-up

On Monday, The Public Works Department began preparations for Hurricane Idalia’s potential impact on the community this week. Preparations included cleaning and clearing debris from storm drains, sweeping the streets, collecting downfall on center islands, rights-of-way, and courtyards, performing checks on facility generators and small and heavy machinery, ensuring all equipment and vehicles were ready for storm cleanup and topping off the fuel tanks and ensuring they are fully anchored.

On Wednesday, Public Works and Brightview staff worked late into the evening removing 15 fallen trees in the roadways. Thursday morning an additional five trees were removed from the roadways that fell in the early morning hours. Crews are now focused on removing the smaller branches and debris from the roads utilizing small tractors with pulling landscape rakes. All primary roads have been completed and crews are currently working on secondary streets. Once the smaller debris is removed the street sweeper can then complete the cleaning process for the roadways. Crews have also completed clearing debris from the community paths throughout The Landings. BrightView staff is currently working on cutting up larger branches and piling all debris in the common areas and rights-of-way along primary streets. Crews are also working on getting the Marinas, Landings Community Park, and Gates cleaned up before the holiday weekend. Please slow down and be courteous to crews working on this cleanup process in the roadway, paths, and common areas.

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