Resident Drop-in Traffic Discussion a Success

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

A number of Landings residents gathered in The Landings Association’s Meeting Room on Thursday (July 27) for a Resident Drop-in Traffic Discussion to share their thoughts and comments regarding traffic in the community.

Recently, The Landings Association contracted Moffatt & Nichol to complete a traffic engineering study with focus on the areas listed below.  

  • Speed limits
  • Intersection Analysis
  • Signage
  • Road Markings
  • The Landings Association’s Rules and Regulations directly related to traffic

The drop-in session was organized by The Landings Association’s Security Department, with the purpose of meeting with residents and obtaining information and suggestions to make the streets in the community safer within the focal points of the study. In attendance from Moffatt & Nichol were Vice President Ron Osterloh, Senior Civil Engineer Craig Zuck, and Traffic Engineer IV Jordan Bell.

Security Director Tim Cook said he is pleased with the number of residents who took the time to come and share their thoughts at the drop-in event. 

“It is always refreshing to see so many people gathered together for a common goal centered around making impactful change and lasting improvement,” he said. “We received lots of great takeaways and thoughtful feedback from our members that will be very useful as the Moffatt & Nichol team conducts this study and offers suggestions for improving traffic in The Landings within the focus areas of the study.”

Landings Association General Manager Karl Stephens agrees with Cook that there is no substitution for member feedback when it comes to projects like the traffic study.

“We appreciate everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to share insight and feedback on the current state of traffic within our community,” Stephens said. “Even with staff, committees, and Moffatt & Nichol involved in this effort, there is no substitute for our thousands of
residents and their daily experiences. We are grateful that we always can count on our members to come through for us when we need them most.”

If you have comments you wish to share but were unable to make the drop-in session, we still want to hear from you. Click here to fill out a fillable comment card, then email it to

Photos by Jeffrey Garris

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