TLA Thanks Landings Members for Feedback on Rules and Regulations

By Karl Stephens -
General Manager/COO

One  of the best things about working at The Landings Association is the help and support we regularly receive from our members. Even after 21 years of tenure, I still find myself in awe of, and most assuredly inspired by, the dedication and giving spirit of those who call The Landings home.

Whether volunteering to serve on a committee, share of their time and talents, or simply take the time to offer feedback on our Rules and Regulations, we always can count on our members to come through for us when we need them most.

Such was the case recently, when we solicited feedback on our Rules and Regulations. We received suggested changes or areas of review from almost 100 residents. These now go before the Governance Committee for consideration before the updates are finalized and then approved by the Board of Directors. Even with dozens of resident committee members and staff involved in this effort, there is no substitute for our thousands of residents and their daily experiences.

On behalf of the entire Landings Association Team, thank you to everyone who took the time to share with us their comments, concerns, questions, and suggestions. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and definitely will be helpful as we work to update and improve this document.

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