Budget Box: Harbor Pier Decking and Railing Replacement

By Karl Stephens - karls@landings.org
General Manager/COO

The Landings Harbor pier deck and railings were constructed in the mid to late eighties. The original structure consists of concrete piles that reinforce the wooden deck and railings which reach more than 450-feet over the water. Over time, this pier has required a large effort by the Public Works Department to maintain the eroding deck and railings. The boards have been regularly replaced over recent years due to dry rot and the saltwater erosion that causes them to age faster than other wooden structures. With this, the pier not only has become a safety hazard, but it also has brought higher expenses due to the recent rise in lumber prices.

For some time now, the Public Works team has researched options to replace the deck and railings. In doing so, they were able to find a solution that not only will be more affordable but will last longer as well. Public Works staff will perform much of the work in-house, including the removal of the aging deck, as well as reinforcing or installing any needed structural materials (such as pilings or stringers). Staff also will replace and encapsulate the railing system with a synthetic material that is less expensive to maintain and more resistant to the environmental elements. The deck surface of the pier will be constructed of concrete by Absolute Concrete, which has worked on many projects for the Association, including the Islands of Deer Creek Bridge Replacement. This switch from wood to concrete is another cost-efficient way to create a beautiful, long-lasting asset to use for many years into the future.

The project began in the middle of July and was expected to take about three weeks to complete. This work was budgeted for 2024, but with the degradation of the pier and the cost of repairs to extend the life, it has been moved forward by one year. The Landings Harbor Pier Deck and Railing Replacement budget was $441,870, but that assumed a like-for-like replacement. Using the hybrid concrete and synthetic material, similar to what we did at Islands of Deer Creek, as well as mainly using staff, the project now has an estimated total cost of $77,340. Therefore, with these changes, the total expense is estimated to be $364,530 better than budget. That’s money that can be redeployed to other pressing needs, such as storm drain repairs.

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