TLA Board Accepting Nominations Through Monday, July 17

By Herman Stone –
Board Nominating Committee Chair & TLA Board President

The Landings Association (TLA) Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for candidates to run for election as Board Directors for the 2024-2026 term. In recent years, we had a phenomenal amount of interest, and our committee had the difficult task of narrowing down some very qualified residents to the six who would ultimately run. I am happy to say that many of the others went on to join TLA committees.

Serving on the Board is a commitment and a responsibility, but it also is very fulfilling work. The good news is, as an active member of the Board, you still will have plenty of time to enjoy the Landings’ lifestyle. In fact, one of our current Board members holds a full-time job, and one runs a global consulting business, yet they have time for TLA-related business and leisure activities.

Ask anyone who has ever served on TLA’s Board if they regret it, and I’ll bet it would be hard to find someone who says yes. Here is what a few of our newest Board Directors have to say about their experience:

My husband, Irv Krakoff, and I have lived in The Landings for eight wonderful years after fulfilling careers and experiences in senior management positions in the medical field. We made the move from New York City very deliberately, as we knew of both the beauty and the community on Skidaway Island. I always have believed that one has some responsibility to help in both maintaining and advancing the community in which we have lived. I had served previously as the president of a neighborhood association in Houston, TX and enjoyed the camaraderie that it afforded me. I made the mistake of applying too early for the TLA Board and was not elected.  Undiscouraged, I joined the Communications Committee to use my marketing and PR skills and served there for two years. I then was appointed to the Finance Committee, where I currently serve as Treasurer and participate in developing the strategies the Board and Staff employ to use our Assessment dues wisely in maintaining and enhancing what I term our island 'Paradise'. I really enjoy this role as it serves to inform me of all our budgeted and unplanned operating and capital expenditures for all our departments, as well as how we manage our investments in order to maximize them. I love being part of the Board team and am awed by the depth of knowledge of our senior staff. In January, after an orientation, this Board enjoyed two team building days reviewing the Strategic Plan, which truly is a rolling and living document. Joining the Board is not a chore; there is still time for plenty of socializing and fun opportunities that are available to me through The Landings Golf & Athletic Club, other clubs. and, of course, my friends. I urge you to consider joining the Board or at the very least a committee.  Look at TLA's  website ( which is a fountain of information, read all the materials that are sent via email every Friday and, in particular, look at the videos in which our General Manager describes some of our Public Works and Marinas projects. They all are exciting ways in which we aim to keep this island of ours the paradise we moved to.” – Rosemary Mackey

While serving on the TLA Board does take time and commitment, it is an exceptionally rewarding experience. As a Board Director, you not only learn a great deal about our community but you become an integral part in preserving our piece of paradise (and why it is such a special place to live). As a Board Director, you can be a part of the positive efforts guiding The Landings into the future and watch it flourish. It’s going to be an exciting year ahead. Join the team!

You have an opportunity to work with an amazing Board, an outstanding staff, and phenomenal and experienced committee members all in service to our community and its wellbeing. The wealth of commitment, background and experience of residents on this Island (and the staff) is incredible and so many people are willing to share of their time and talents for all. Working with these individuals is a reward unto itself.

The rewards of service are known by many residents but as a TLA Board Director one has the opportunity to engage in an array of interests, benefit our community, and fulfill The Landings Association vision as well as its mission 'to enhance the value of living at The Landings by maintaining and improving common properties and amenities, providing services and administering covenants in a publicly and fiscally responsible and efficient manner.' The work involves important decisions integral to our community and its future. If you care about The Landings, are committed to its success and preservation, like to collaborate in addressing issues, and want the opportunity to learn more about our community, I urge you to apply to run for the Board.” – Patty Morgan

“My family and I moved to The Landings in July of 2016. Growing up in Savannah, it was not a place that we considered setting down roots; that was until we visited the community. After a day of seeing the immaculate upkeep of the neighborhood, the vast amenities provided by the community, and the general paradise on earth feeling of The Landings, we knew this is where we wanted to raise our family. The Landings Association is responsible for holding the community to these standards and there is no better way to provide a benefit to your neighbors than being involved with the Landings Association. Serving on the Board has been very rewarding and has opened my eyes to the immense team effort it takes to keep the community operating as efficiently as it does. I consider it an honor to be a member of the Board that provides a community of our size with such an amazing living experience. I thoroughly encourage anyone that loves living in The Landings to get involved in The Landings Association.” – Kevin Crouch

I have found service on the TLA Board to be very special. It is an opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of this beautiful residential community we call home and to contribute in a meaningful way to its present and future. Proactive stewardship! What other volunteer positions offer half as much? You get to enjoy working with TLA’s highly knowledgeable staff as you deliberate with the talented community members like yourself engaged in active Board leadership. What a good use of one’s time!” – Carol McCarthy

The Landings is a unique community with many talented residents, many of whom already have served on the Association’s Board and Standing Committees and others who would make perfect additions to our team of Directors. However, all my fellow residents should realize that they can be a part of the positive change they wish to see in The Landings. It’s going to be an exciting year ahead. Join the team!

Remember, in addition to self-nominating, you also can nominate a friend or neighbor who you believe would be a good addition to the Association’s Board. To submit a Board Candidate Application, click hereThe deadline for applications is July 17. You also can learn more and become more involved by applying to serve on any of our committees. To submit a Committee Application, please click

If you have questions or concerns, please contact any Board Director or email me ( to discuss your interest in serving or to recommend others.




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