A Closer Look: The Landings Association’s Board Nomination Process

Courtesy of TLA's Board of Directors

Have you ever wondered how the nomination process for Landings Association Board Candidates works? It may seem that qualified candidates magically appear or that the current Board Directors pick from their friends and neighbors, but neither guess is true. The nomination process is conducted by a committee of two Board Directors plus five residents, who recruit candidates to run for election to the Board. The committee explains to potential candidates the expectations for Board Directors and interviews them to learn more about them on both an individual and professional level. Importantly, the Nominating Committee works independently from Board and Landings Association Staff when it comes to nomination selections and interviews. However, once their work is completed, they report their candidate selections to the Board. The Board does not act on these selections, rather the Nominating Committee makes the decision.

Board Director Herman Stone and Board Ex-Officio Judy Monaco said they are excited to guide the nomination process this year.

“Our community is composed of many talented individuals who are tremendous assets to The Landings Association Board,” Monaco said. “Typically, the Board has members with different professional backgrounds such as legal, financial, engineering, health, marketing, business management, etc. This diversity in expertise is crucial as we deal with the varied issues that come before the Board, and this year’s Nominating Committee are working to continue this balance.”

Stone agreed with Monaco that the work done by the Nominating Committee is very important and encourages all residents who are approached by a member of the committee to consider seriously running for election to the Board.

“Serving on the Board is both an honor and an important responsibility,” Stone said. “It is an honor to be elected by my peer residents to represent them in affairs involving the operations and management of our community. It also is an important responsibility to assist in developing plans and policies to help the The Landings reach its full potential as detailed in our Mission and Vision statements.

Although the  Nominating Committee is hard at work to identify potential Board Directors, current Board Directors may not know where to look for all the prime candidates. Monaco said this is where the community can lend a hand.

“If you know of someone who would make a terrific Board Director, or you are interested in running for the Board, please email us (hstone.tla@gmail.com or judymonacotla@gmail.com) so that we can share your contact information with the Nominating Committee. You also can fill out a Board Candidate Application on The Landings Association’s Website."



This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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