On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Unlicensed / Underage Golf Cart Drivers

Landings Security recently responded to several reports of underage golf cart drivers. The owners of the carts were identified, and The Landings Association’s Rules and Regulations were explained to the owners. As a reminder, the Rules and Regulations read, “Any person operating a golf cart must have in their possession a valid operator’s license.”


Suspicious Vehicle

On June 15, Landings Security responded to a suspicious white pickup truck following a person around Little Comfort Road. Security met with the individual who called in the report.  However, she was unable to provide any further information about the vehicle or occupants. Security searched the area and was unable to locate the vehicle.

Hit and Run / Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

On June 17, Landings Security responded to a reported motor vehicle crash at the intersection of Tidewater Way and Landings Way North. Landings Security contacted the drivers of both vehicles. The driver of one of the vehicles was asked to move out of the roadway. While moving the vehicle the driver struck the streetlight post causing additional damage. The driver refused to wait for Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) and left the scene. CCPD was able to locate the vehicle and driver. The driver was arrested for DUI, hit-and-run, and an open container violation.

Ding Dong Ditch

On June 18, Landings Security was notified of someone knocking on a door and then running and hiding in the bushes. These incidents occurred on Lillibridge Crossing. The resident stated that when he yelled at the individual the individual apologized for his actions stating that he had to do it for a fraternity and left. The individual was a white male, wearing camouflage clothing.

Warnings and Citations

  • Warnings and fines were issued to vendors for not displaying logos on RFID-equipped vehicles and/or for not using safety cones.
  • A warning was issued for overnight street parking.
  • A warning was issued for an unregistered golf cart.
  • A warning was issued for an unlicensed golf cart driver.

** Please note that a brief synopsis is provided for pertinent incidents that Security responds to during the week. All incidents are not covered in the weekly recap. Statistics for reports are provided below. **


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