Spotlight on Community: TLA's Board of Directors

Who We Are:

The Landings Association's Board Directors are Landings homeowners with a vested interest in the success of the community. These individuals chose to volunteer to share expertise and serve the community in the areas of governance, decision making, and oversight. The Association’s Board consists of nine directors who serve three-year terms and are elected by a community vote. The Board of Directors also includes an Ex-Officio member who serves in an advisory capacity due to their previous experience gained through previously serving on the Board for three years and serving as Board President.

 What We Do:

The primary responsibilities of a Board Director are to protect, preserve, and enhance the values and assets of The Landings Association and its members. Directors also must understand and adhere to the Association’s governing documents (e.g., Covenants, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, Architectural Guidelines, etc.); and adopt and implement policies for the maintenance, administration, and financial wellbeing of the Association.

There are several types of committees within The Landings Association, including Board, Special, Regulatory, and Standing committees. Board Committees are chaired by a Board Member and generally comprise mostly Board Directors. The same applies to Special Committees. Standing Committees, however, are advisory to the General Manager, and a non-voting Board Director is assigned as the Board Liaison.

On average, Board Directors spend 12-to-15 hours a month at Board and Committee meetings. The meeting times are set a year in advance so that these resident volunteers still can schedule and actively pursue all their other interests.

 How You Can Help:

Each year, The Board puts together an owner’s committee to recruit and interview candidates to run for election to our Board of Directors. Currently, The Landings Association’s Board of Directors Nominating Committee members are actively seeking candidates for an election this fall. If a member of the Nominating Committee approaches you, please listen to what they have to say and ask them any questions you may have. New Board members will join the Board in January but are invited to attend meetings once they are elected. 

If you are interested in applying to run for the Board or have any questions, please email Herman Stone ( or Judy Monaco ( You also can fill out a Board Candidate Application.

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