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We all love the way our cars look after a wash and a polish. Imagine that feeling multiplied after having our house, roof, and driveway cleaned!

Homes and exterior features get dirty, whether it be from dirt splatter, green algae growth, black mold and mildew, or orange iron deposits. Staining and discoloration from these elements often is found on siding, trim, roofing, driveways, sidewalks, and service yards.

The collection of dirt and pollen on our homes and hardscapes becomes food for opportunistic algae, mold, and mildew. Overtime, the algae and fungus can embed itself into siding and concrete making it much harder to permanently remove. Once present, algae and fungus must be removed and treated by a professional to slow its return.

Therefore, routine cleaning is a crucial aspect of home maintenance. It is recommended to have the home and drive cleaned every other year and roofs cleaned as needed, but not excessively.

As algae and fungus thrive in moist shady areas, reducing moisture and shade around the home is a great preventative measure. To keep a home dry you should routinely clean gutters, blow leaves and debris from roofs and hardscapes, trim overhanging limbs, prune foundation plantings, and keep foundation beds free of weeds and grasses.

In the case of iron staining from lawn watering, turn sprinkler heads so that they do not spray on the foundation of homes, sidewalks, or driveways. You also might consider using soaker hoses instead of sprinklers near the foundation and hardscapes

If staining proves to be persistent, the home or feature may require treatment and repainting or sealing to reestablish its protective barrier.

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