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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Amenity Tree Cutback Program

In-house staff currently are working on the tree cutbacks around the gatehouses and amenity areas. This work is completed annually by staff to promote a healthy canopy, while cutting back any tree limbs that may impede vehicular traffic or use of the amenities. This week, staff completed tree cutbacks around The Landings Community Park and TLA Administration Building area and currently are working around Delegal Creek Marina.    

Landings Harbor Fishing Pier Repair and Replacement Project

The Landings Harbor Fishing Pier was closed on June 7 and 8 (Wednesday and Thursday) to allow in-house staff and contractors adequate time and space to test an area along the Pier for necessary repairs and improvements. Once adequate time has elapsed to determine if the repairs made withstand the elements, staff will continue working through the project scope, pending Board approval this month.














Road Curb Repair

Absolute Concrete replaced approximately 80’ of curbing along the outbound lanes at the Main Gate this week. These repairs and improvements will help improve the drainage in the area, while protecting the landscaped turf and plantings. 

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