President's Update - May 24, 2023

Wed, 05/24/2023

In my May 2023 President’s Update article, I mentioned the Landlovers grant, which is generously funding park benches and swings for our Landings community. I’m delighted to inform you that the Landlovers Foundation hosted an extraordinary awards celebration at the Palmetto Clubhouse on May 16. This inspiring event, led by Landlovers President Chris Lanigan and Vice President Tim Forbes, introduced our community to accomplished, young individuals who reside in The Landings or are children of Landings Association and Landings Company staff. Additionally, 14 nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving our community were recognized. Listening to the stories of our youth’s achievements and the significant contributions made by our nonprofits was truly uplifting and renewed my faith in our youth. I extend my congratulations to Landlovers for their exceptionally generous contribution of more than $130,000 to our community.

Your Board of Directors and TLA staff are diligently working on implementing our Strategic Plan, aiming to enhance the value of living at The Landings. Over the past few months, the Governance Committee has been reviewing and updating the Association’s Rules and Regulations. These updates are currently undergoing legal review and will be shared with the Landings community for your input within the next couple of months. I strongly encourage each of you to thoroughly review the Rules and Regulation changes and provide your comments as appropriate. Your feedback is invaluable.

As part of our Strategic Plan, we will also be conducting a community survey this fall. The survey’s purpose is to identify and validate the needs and priorities of our community. Just as we did with the 2019 community survey, we will engage a consultant to assist in designing and implementing the survey. To ensure the survey questionnaire reflects the community’s voice, the consultant will gather input from the Board, TLA staff, and Landings residents. Community resident input will be obtained primarily through randomly selected focus groups, where participants can anonymously discuss their concerns and desires. The information gathered from these focus groups will help shape the survey’s topics and questions.

While the consultant will ensure the survey process is comprehensive, objective, and scientifically valid, community input remains a crucial aspect of the survey’s design. Therefore, as we embark on this process, we encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions via email ( or Some potential areas of interest could include community amenities, events, communication, maintenance, and other pertinent issues that impact our community. Collecting input through various avenues will enable us to create a survey that effectively measures the needs and priorities of our community. We sincerely thank you in advance for your contributions.

In my April 2023 President’s Update, I mentioned we were forming a TLA Board Nominating Committee. I’m pleased to announce that the committee has been formed, and I express my gratitude to those who volunteered. We are now seeking candidates to participate in the upcoming Board of Directors election and serve on our Board for the next three years (2024 to 2026). In the coming months, we will communicate information and request community residents to consider running for the Board. Speaking from personal experience, serving as a Board member for the past 18 months has significantly benefited me and my quality of life at The Landings. I urge each of you to contemplate running for the Board or a committee later this year for the following reasons:

  1. Community Involvement: Volunteering for the Board or a committee is an excellent way to engage with the community, meet new people, and positively impact the quality of life in our community.
  2. Influence: By serving on the Board or a committee, residents have the opportunity to directly influence decisions that affect The Landings. You can provide input and make recommendations on matters such as community amenities, events, property maintenance, and capital improvements.
  3. Personal Growth: Serving on the Board or a committee offers an excellent opportunity for personal growth and development. You will expand your knowledge of our community and its important issues while also showcasing and improving your leadership and decision-making skills.
  4. Representing The Landings: Board and committee members can act as advocates for their fellow residents, representing their interests and concerns.
  5. Enhancing Property Values: By volunteering for the Board or a committee, Landings residents contribute to enhancing the overall appearance, value, and desirability of our community, which can positively impact property values.

Lastly, I encourage all residents, especially those new to our area, to attend the Hurricane Town Hall on June 12 at 7 p.m. in the Palmetto Ballroom. At this town hall, officials from the Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) will provide specific and relevant guidance to the community on preparing for Hurricane Season. It is essential to be well-prepared in case we experience a hurricane this summer or fall.

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