Budget Box: Storm Drains

By Karl Stephens - karls@landings.org
General Manager/COO

If you drive to Skull Creek Boathouse in Hilton Head, South Carolina, then you have traveled only three miles farther than the length of storm drains that are owned and maintained by The Landings Association. The storm drains and pipes are beneath the surfaces that we use to travel on every day. These hidden assets are crucial to help prevent flooding by diverting rainwater off streets and other paved surfaces to a nearby water body.

The phased nature in the community development of The Landings resulted in the use of different materials over time for storm drain construction, including corrugated metal, concrete, and plastic. Most of this infrastructure is original to the development, some of which is now 51 years old.

Each year, sections of storm drains are inspected with a video camera that the Association purchased in 2021 to identify areas in need of repair and/or replacement. Those sections are cleared of debris, root intrusions, and nature’s obstructions. When possible, sections requiring repair are “slip-lined” through a cured-in-place pipe, a trenchless rehabilitation method that produces a jointless, seamless pipe lining within an existing pipe.

The 2023 budget includes funding of $733,600 for storm drain repair and maintenance. This includes storm drains located in the Romerly Road and Landings Way North/Nathaniel Lane areas.



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