President's Update 4-26-2023

By Herman Stone
President, The Landings Association

I congratulate our community on the successful approval of our 2024-2026 Property Owner’s Annual Dues. Your support of this initiative is a great win for our community, and I am thrilled to share with you some of the exciting improvements and maintenance efforts that this funding will enable.

I understand that a Dues increase can be a difficult decision to make, but I genuinely believe that it was the right one for the future of our community. With this approval, our future is secure, and we will have adequate funding to maintain our community’s infrastructure and core services, allowing us to protect and maintain the property values of The Landings.

For example, we will be able to replace rather than close the Marsh Tower, which is nearing the end of its useful life. Similarly, for those who travel over McWhorter on the cart path bridge, we will be able to re-deck the surface for a smoother cart and bicycle ride. We will also be able to continue our inspection efforts of the storm drains, repair and line the storm drain piping, and extend their life to avoid costly repairs and potentially unsafe conditions. Many of you are probably aware there have been some instances of damage to our roadways due to the failure of our storm drains.

An additional concern we have that will be addressed are the underground fuel tanks at both marinas. These aging tanks are potential sources of failure that have continually increasing insurance costs each year. This year, we will replace the underground tanks at Landing Harbor, and in 2026 we plan to replace the fuel tanks at Delegal, minimizing the potential for underground leaks that could result in environmental pollution and expensive fines. Changing the tanks to above ground, in a manner that blends with the environment, will also lower our insurance costs.

Over the next couple of years, we will implement a comprehensive traffic survey conducted by professional engineers of our roadways and community paths. This survey, completed in two phases, will allow us to proactively evaluate existing roads and paths including their intersections, signage, road markings, speed limits, and other metrics, enabling us to identify actions we should take to improve safety and the movement of vehicles throughout the community.

As we identify assets such as fuel tanks, bridges, roads, and vehicles for major repair or replacement as well as evaluate projects in general, it is important to recognize that we evaluate numerous factors, such as age, usage, ongoing maintenance and repair costs, safety, and environmental risks, before making the investment decision. Additionally, for specialized assets such as bridges and physical structures, we will bring in structural engineers to evaluate and justify the expense before making the investment.

When I reflect on the successes of our community, I cannot help but acknowledge the Landlovers Foundation for their generosity. Thanks to their generosity, we will be installing park benches and swings at multiple locations throughout The Landings. As an avid user of the new Landings Association mobile app, I highly recommend checking out the Trails feature which can be found under the main menu (Hamburger button icon on the home screen). This feature highlights 11 trails that span across the entire community and range from 0.3 miles to more than three miles, perfect for walking and cycling on most trails.

While our island is stunning, it’s no secret that there are limited public areas to take a break and appreciate the scenery while exercising. With the gift of park benches and swings from Landlovers, we will install benches along many of the trails, and look forward to an increase in the number of individuals utilizing these trails, as there will be ample opportunities to rest and soak in The Landings’ beauty. We plan to have the installation of these benches and swings completed within the next few months.

As stated by Bob Lindenschmidt, Landings Golf & Athletic Club Board President in a recent Club email communication, the Association and the Club have been collaborating to identify opportunities to maximize our resources and efficiency in our operations. Our joint efforts have led us to believe that working together could yield more significant benefits and better value for both organizations. As a result, we have commenced more frequent meetings and discussions to explore ways to enhance the community’s infrastructure and services while reducing costs.

As we relish the delightful spring weather, I anticipate encountering and interacting with many of you who are enjoying the stunning scenery of our island while jogging, cycling, and/or strolling along our trails.

Thank you once more for your valuable support. I am eagerly optimistic about the bright prospects of our community’s future.




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