CCA May 8 Seminar

Courtesy of CCA Skidaway

Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Skidaway Chapter’s seminar on Monday, May 8 features Peach Hubbard, President of the Dolphin Project. The seminar begins at 7 p.m. at St. Peter's Episcopal Church (3 West Ridge Road).

The Dolphin Project was organized in 1989 after a mass die-off of dolphins on the Eastern seaboard. It is the longest-running, all-volunteer organization dedicated to protecting the wild estuarine bottlenose dolphin and our shared environment.

Georgia’s coastal waters are teeming with life, including Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Most folks love bottlenose dolphins but very few know much about them. Peach’s presentation will help us learn more about these dolphins and how we are connected to them, offering new awareness and respect for these amazing animals. 

Peach spent most of her life cruising Lake Michigan and sailing the Carribean. For the past 22 years, she has been enjoying the waters of the Low Country. Peach lives in Richmond Hill, Georgia, and serves as President of The Dolphin Project. She is a University of Georgia Master Coastal Naturalist and has been an ecology tour guide to Georgia’s barrier Islands. Peach is a painter, photographer, and sculptor who exhibits with Arts On The Coast. As a professional graphic artist, she designed the Richmond Hill - Henry Ford History Museum displays. Her husband, Roy, is retired Army, Special Forces. Together they have four daughters and eight grandchildren. Peach loves her family and friends, fishing, gardening, traveling, and sharing her knowledge about the local Bottlenose dolphins. (BTW: Peach comes by her nickname legally. It's actually her maiden name, although it is spelled differently... Piech.)

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CCA is a nonprofit organization with chapters on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf Coasts. For more information about CCA of Skidaway, call Dave Devore (330-329-6457)  For more information about CCAs Georgia District, call Tom Rood (912-598-9753).  For information about this May's meeting and seminar, call Paulette Hamilton (610-509-0279).  Area residents are invited to attend the CCA of Skidaway meetings and seminars held on the second Monday of the month at St. Peters Church.

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