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CCA Electrofishing 
CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) conducted the annual electrofishing survey in 24 freshwater lagoons this week. This project involves utilizing a Jon boat equipped with an electrified antennae to temporarily immobilize or “shock” fish. The immobilized fish are then netted and placed into a holding tank. Once the entire lagoon has been surveyed, the fish in the holding tank are taken out to be identified by species, measured by length, and weighed (if appropriate). Thereafter, they are released back into the lagoon unharmed. The data collected is then used to determine the health of the lagoon based on predator/prey ratios, while also providing recommendations for the removal of fish or the stocking of additional fish. This program is funded by CCA and is one of many great programs CCA provides to residents in The Landings. 
















Operational Community Path Maintenance 

This week, Absolute Concrete replaced several damaged community path panels along Landings Way South between Activity Way and Westcross Road. 

2023 Community Path Project 

Absolute Concrete is scheduled to begin the replacement of the community paths in The Village area that run parallel to the Diamond Causeway (just west of McWhorter Drive to the Methodist Church) next week. For the duration of this project, these paths will be closed to all golf carts and pedestrian traffic.

The path that crosses over Diamond Causeway at the 4-way traffic light that provides access to the Oakridge phase of the community will remain open during this project; however, there will be delays at times. Please use alternate routes when possible. Barring any concrete plant and/or weather delays, this project is anticipated to be completed by mid-April.




















2023 Road Replacement Project 

On Monday, March 27, Bennett Paving is scheduled to begin milling and paving Wiley Bottom Road South beginning at 236 Wiley Bottom Road South. This section of Wiley Bottom Road South is expected to take four days to complete, barring any weather and/or plant delays.

During this project, access will be limited. However, local vehicular traffic (e.g., residents, mail delivery, and emergency vehicles) will be permitted to drive on the milled surface until the paving process begins. Once the paving begins, access will be limited and restricted to all vehicles depending on the progression of paving. Signage and traffic control personnel will be onsite throughout the project to assist with detours. 

The connecting roads to Wiley Bottom South will not be closed completely. However, they may be restricted to one lane of traffic and delays at times, so please plan accordingly. 

Please note that the community path(s) that connect Tidewater Way to Hemingway Drive and Wiley Bottom South will be closed to all inbound traffic from Tidewater Way. However, you can still exit to Tidewater Way. Additionally, the community path from Mercer Road to Hemingway Circle will be closed. Traffic personnel will be positioned at these locations to assist with alternate routes.

Delegal Marina Sunset Room and TLA Administration Building Exterior Painting Project

On Monday, 5 Star Painting began working on the painting project for the Delegal Creek Marina Sunset Room and TLA Admin Building. They completed pressure washing both buildings and began painting the trim and exterior of both buildings. Barring any weather delays, 5 Star Painting is anticipating this project to be completed by mid-April.


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