On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Motor Vehicle Crash

On March 11, at approximately 11 p.m., Landings Security received a report of an accident on the Diamond Causeway bridge. Upon arrival, Chatham County Police Department (CCPD), Chatham Emergency Services (CES), and Skidaway Island First Responders (SIFR) were on scene. Although major damage was sustained to both vehicles, no serious injuries requiring medical transportation were reported. CCPD declined our assistance and processed the crash scene. Two citations were issued to a Landings resident for failure to maintain a single lane and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

Suspicious Driving

On March 10, Landings Security responded to a report of an older model red Ford truck swerving on the road. Landings Patrol Officers along with a CCPD unit responded to the area but did not locate a vehicle matching the description. Although a license plate number was not provided, a previous incident was cited, and the previous cause was believed to be medically related. If you see this vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, swerving on the road or driving erratically, please call 911 and then Security at 912-598-1982, option three. License plate numbers are most helpful.

Vehicles versus Gates

During the last week, four separate incidents of vehicles hitting our gates were reported. As a reminder, it’s a crime in the state of Georgia to leave a scene of an accident with property damage. The RFID lane at every gate is equipped with a green/red light that is very helpful to ensure it’s safe to proceed or when to stop. Drivers speeding (in excess of 15 MPH), failing to stop before entering, and inattention to these lights are significant contributors to these incidents. Unless proven otherwise, The Landings seeks labor and material costs for repairing the gates, and in some cases may pursue fines and criminal charges. For reference, the lighted barrier arms cost north of $800 if the damage requires replacement.

Loose Dogs

On March 13, Landings Security responded to a complaint of dogs running off their property and across the street in the area of Modena Road. The pet’s owner was contacted and admitted to having an invisible fence, but she had not ensured her pets were wearing the collars. The pet owner was apologetic and stated she would do a better job of keeping her pets on her property.


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