Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

It’s official… I have served the Landings community for a decade! I know this pales in comparison to Sgt. Chad Bundy’s 27 years of service. However, in today’s environment it’s still worth celebrating. I’m truly honored to serve The Landings, TLA’s team of dedicated employees, and my troops as your Security Director.

In the next few months, residents who own golf carts will be receiving a letter via your email from me. Please take time to read this email as it highlights several important Rules and Regulations regarding operating golf carts within our community. Fortunately, the number of complaints received, and warnings/violations issued decreased from 2021 to 2022. We still have a long way to go, and you can help by first reading my email and then remaining in compliance with our established Rules and Regulations. Furthermore, and arguably most importantly, be courteous and give due care.

Another area of concern expressed by a few residents is golf cart operators with pets, mainly dogs. The Landings does not have a specific Rule requiring pet owners to secure or leash their pets while riding in a golf cart. Nor do we have a Rule prohibiting your pet running alongside your golf cart. We are hopeful all pet owners are responsible and rely on their judgement to determine what is or isn’t safe for their pet. A reasonable argument can be made for not securing or leashing a dog to the golf cart. If you do believe securing your pet while riding in your golf cart is a good idea, you may want to research these devices ( If done properly, a dog can safely run alongside a golf cart as illustrated with the K9Caddy. This device claims to be veterinarian approved. While you are reading my email regarding golf cart Rules and Regulations, please connect the dots. Although we don’t have Rules specifically related to these two topics, if you are involved in an accident, you may be cited for careless driving.

Stay Safe. Stay Well,



























































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