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Landings Harbor Marina

Normal Operating Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily








Landings Harbor Dry Storage Project

The demolition and removal of the N, P, and R racks are scheduled to be completed Friday, February 17. The boats assigned to those racks have been relocated to available wash racks and other sections in the marina. If your boat was assigned to any of those racks and you want to use your boat, please call us with at least a few hours’ notice, in case the boat is blocked. Boats located in the K, L, & M racks should give at least one hour notice in BoatCloud for movements. Construction equipment and steel beams are crowding the isle that restricts access to this location. Frontier Concrete will begin removing the existing foundations starting Monday. This may take several days depending on the any unforeseen difficulties. We will continue to have limited access to the K, L, & M rack locations throughout the week.








Landings Harbor Bubbler Curtain Project

Georgia Department of Natural Resources issued a research and monitoring permit to study the effects of a bubbler curtain deployed in the entrance to the enclosed basin over a two-year period. The equipment for the bubbler curtain being installed at Landings Harbor Marina is expected to arrive by Monday, February 20. Installation is being scheduled immediately. This project will determine if the bubbler curtain reduces the amount of material entering the basin that requires annual dredging. These bubbler curtains have been successful in preventing seaweed and floating debris from entering a protected area.

Landings Harbor Store

The Landings Harbor Store will continue the “Sweetheart of a Sale” until the end of February. Look for great prices on clearance and special select items as we make room for new merchandise for the upcoming season. Two special deals are the stainless steel 30 oz. custom engraved tumbler for only $26 and set of two On the Rocks glasses for only $34. Get them while supplies last.

Landings Harbor Storage

The Landings Harbor Marina dry storage is at full capacity. Recent departures have left a few slips open that we are going to use temporarily to help us stage boats while we work through the dry rack project. The wet slips and jet ski spaces are 100% full. We continue to maintain a waiting list for all slips and will fill the slips as available.

Landings Dry Storage Activity









Delegal Creek Marina

Operating Hours 9 AM – 5 PM Daily

Last Saturday, a pipe burst on Marina Drive, shutting off water to homes and to the Sunset Pavilion. For those of you who attended the party in the Pavilion, we apologize for the inconvenience. Public works and the Utilities, Inc. personnel did an excellent job restoring water in the pouring rain, which was most likely the cause.

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