Skidaway Audubon News: Audubon Tree & Plant Sale April 15

Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon 

Think spring! Pre-ordering for Skidaway Audubon’s Plant Sale begins in mid-March on the Skidaway Audubon website ( The sale pickup date is Saturday, April 15, in the Skidaway United Methodist Church's outdoor pavilion. 

This popular plant sale features many plants that, when in bloom, attract butterflies, bees and other important pollinators. But wait! There’s more! This year’s offerings will include a selection of understory trees, shrubs, grasses, and some ground cover options.

Habitats for butterflies, bees, and other insects essential to the pollination of most flowering trees and food crops has been declining. In addition, understory trees, shrubs, and ground cover have multiple environmental benefits. They reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, are better at retaining valuable topsoil, improve water quality by effectively filtering rainwater, help purify the air, and promote biodiversity by providing a greater variety of habitat.

“We hope everyone will check our website in mid-March, start planning for spring planting, and help us keep our community green, vibrant, and naturally beautiful,” said Audubon President Dawn Cordo.

On the website, residents also can pre-order one of Bobbie Boyce’s bird houses, crafted from beautiful teak wood, which The Landings resident is making available for a $50 donation to Skidaway Audubon. Pickup of the plants and bird houses will be April 15 in the outdoor pavilion behind the Methodist church.

The objective of the plant sale is to help residents increase habitats for butterflies, such as the Monarchs, and other pollinators, while raising funds to help Audubon carry out its conservation and educational programs. Skidaway Audubon, an all-volunteer organization, maintains the largest network of bluebird houses in the Southeast, the largest Diamondback Terrapin rescue project in the Southeast, a state-of-the-art bird cam, an invasive tree removal program, the pollinator Garden at Sparrow Field (located off Bartram Road), and other gardens throughout The Landings to help reverse the worldwide loss of pollinating insects, bat houses to reduce mosquito populations, an island-wide litter patrol, and weather stations to promote water saving irrigation practices. It also offers a speaker series and special events such as the Birds of Prey live raptors exhibition, and partners with Skidaway Farms and Sustainable Skidaway to promote environmental awareness and stewardship.

Membership in Friends of Skidaway Audubon is just $35 a year. To learn how to help support all of Audubon’s educational and environmental initiatives on Skidaway, visit and become a supporter for just $10 a month. To learn more about Audubon programs and events, visit and click "News/Events".



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