On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

On February 3, Landings Security was notified of a possible theft from a United State Postal Service (USPS) drop box. A resident used the USPS drop box located near Publix in The Village to mail a check more than a month ago and became concerned when he noticed it hadn’t been cashed. Upon contacting the intended recipient, he was informed they never received the check. Another previous suspicious incident occurred when an alert bank teller called him regarding a suspicious check being cashed with his name, address, and signature. The local Postmaster has been made aware of this and other similar incidents of mail theft/fraud and is actively investigating.


Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) also reported increased incidents of mail being stolen from USPS drop boxes throughout their jurisdiction. Residents are encouraged to drop mail off at a local Post Office. The nearest location to The Landings is 1348 Eisenhower Dr, Savannah, GA 31406.

Motor Vehicle Crash (MVC)

On February 5, Landings Security, Chatham Emergency Services (CES), and CCPD responded to a motor vehicle crash (MVC) at the intersection of Diamond Causeway and Lake Street. A driver failed to come to a complete stop at the traffic light and rear-ended another vehicle. No injuries were reported.

On February 6, a vendor backed into a parked TLA Public Works spray cart. Minor damages were sustained to the spray cart, and no injuries were reported. The vendor’s information was obtained, and an insurance claim will be filed.

Missing & Found Dog

On February 3, Landings Security responded to a residence regarding a found dog. The dog fit the description of a previously reported missing dog. The found dog was, in fact, the previously reported missing dog, and the dog and human caretakers were happily reunited.

Dry Trash

On February 2, a resident was reminded about dry trash (yard debris) being placed curbside no earlier than 24 hours before the regularly scheduled pickup day on Tuesdays. Vendors also are responsible for removing their debris and not leaving any debris on common property or someone else’s property.

Warnings and Citations

  • Resident warnings/citations included a nuisance fine, early placement of dry trash, and operating a golf cart in a cart-free zone.
  • Various vendors were issued warnings/citations for not displaying logos on RFID-equipped vans and trucks, failure to use safety cones, and not removing landscape debris.
  • A vendor was fined for tailgating another vendor through a gate and not purchasing a daily pass.





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