On the Waterfront


Landings Harbor Marina

Normal Operating Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily










Landings Harbor Dry Storage Project

We are anticipating that our contractor will start tearing down the existing structure beginning as early as Monday, February 6. Our team is setting up the new dry stack ground racks that will provide temporary staging for the boats that will be coming out of the rack building in this first phase of the project. We’ve tightened the spacing up at some of the wash racks that will also be used for staging. Staff used a 3/8 round-over router bit to smooth off the inner edges of the timber bunks on the new ground racks. Please understand that wash rack availability will be very limited during this project. If you need to get your boat onto a wash rack, please contact us to make sure we have one available. We ask that you keep wash rack time and usage to a minimum. If you have an outside contractor set up to perform work on your boat that requires the use of a wash rack, please contact us in advance for rack availability. We will do our best to accommodate our boaters but do anticipate some inconvenience due to the limited wash rack space.


Dredging Project

Dolan Yacht Service, Inc. is continuing with the dredging project. The dredge pipes are marked with floats in the basin allowing our boaters to maneuver in and out of the Harbor. They have been making steady progress and will reach the end of the allotted hours for dredging within the next week. Concentration will be in the eastside of the basin as the project is completed.

Landings Harbor Store

New t-shirts have arrived! They are boat themed designs from companies based in the South. We will also have new custom Landings Harbor items coming in this spring The popular 12” X 18” burgee is back in stock! It’s perfect for on your boat or home décor. We will have a clearance sale Valentine’s Week to make room for the new items.











The Landings Sailing Club

Members of The Landings Sailing Club sailed up to the Skidaway Aquarium. The winds were brisk at 12-14 mph.









Landings Harbor Storage

The Landings Harbor Marina dry storage is at full capacity. Recent departures have left a few slips open that we are going to use temporarily to help stage boats while we work through the dry rack project. The wet slips and jet ski spaces are 100% full. We continue to maintain a waiting list for all slips and will fill the slips as available.

Landings Dry Storage Activity 












Delegal Creek Marina

Operating Hours 9 AM – 5 PM Daily

Electrical Repairs

Staff are preparing to report to the Committees and Board of Directors on electrical repairs and installation of the distribution panel at B-Dock. The panel’s replacement was put on hold until the final switch gear arrived from the manufacturer. Additional repairs will be required to the electrical runs to B-Dock prior to installing the new panel.

Delegal Creek

Buoys #1 & #2 are scheduled to arrive next week from the distributor. Staff have formed the anchors and will set the new buoys in place during the month of February. Buoy # 4 and the two no wake buoys will also be reset with new anchors.

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