Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

See Something, Say Something

Many of you may have read this in my previous Journal articles or heard the saying, “If you see something, say something.” On January 11, Landings Security received several calls regarding a man sitting at the top of the Diamond Causeway Bridge. Due to jurisdictional boundaries, Landing Security immediately alerted Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) and responded to the area. Upon Landings Security making contact with the subject, he immediately fled on foot towards the nature preserve behind Long Island Road. CCPD was on scene and was able to secure the subject after a short search. A Be on The Lookout (BOLO) had been issued by CCPD for this particular person, because he escaped from Georgia Regional as an involuntary behavioral health patient. Typically, involuntary admittance to these facilities may be for a person that appears to want to injure themselves or others. Although this person’s ultimate intentions remain unknown to us, a reasonably prudent person could assume our assistance in this situation may have prevented a harmful incident. Thanks to the callers that saw something and said something!

This particular incident highlights the topic of who to call. As in this case, Landings Security is restricted to The Landings’ Common property and private property within our community. Therefore, the Diamond Causeway Bridge would fall under CCPD jurisdiction. For emergencies related to laws or possible use of force issues, please call CCPD (911 for emergencies and 912-652-6500 for non-emergencies).

Although you can call 911 for Medical or Fire-related issues, calling Chatham Emergency Services (CES) directly (912-355-6688) reduces the dispatch time.

The primary authority having jurisdiction for domestic animal issues is Chatham Animal Services (912-652-6575).

Wildlife poaching should be reported to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (800-241-4113).

As a reminder, Landings Security Officers are not armed with firearms or even less-than lethal weapons (e.g., tasers, OC “pepper” spray, expandable batons, etc.). If you believe you hear gun shots and are fearful for your safety, CCPD should be contacted immediately.

Scams should be reported to your state consumer protection office (Georgia: 404-651-8600) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ( or or 1-877-382-4357).

After contacting the authority having primary jurisdiction, please contact Landings Security as well (912-598-1982, option 2 for non-urgent incidents and option 3 for urgent matters).

2023 Proposed Rules and Regulations

Each year, the Board of Directors adopts revised community Rules and Regulations. After the Security Committee reviews and approves proposed changes to the Rules and Regulations, the proposed Rules are reviewed by our legal counsel, approved by the Governance Committee, and then sent to the community for feedback prior to being approved by the Board of Directors. Please watch for the 2023 proposed Rules and Regulations coming soon, and give us your feedback.

Stay Safe. Stay Well.




























































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