Community Marketing & Real Estate Update

By Raoul Rushin - 
President, TLCo

Looking Back at 2022: Low housing inventory brings us back to a 2018 sales pace, but look at those values!

In 2018, with 300 total homes sold and a Landings median home sale of $456,500, who would have imagined we would see a median of $755,000, or + 65%, a short five years later.

We continue to fulfill our objective of attracting national buyers (those from outside the three county Savannah area) with another solid investment of $1.48m+ in marketing for 2022. As a result, we were able to attract and find homes for 160 buyers, 121 of whom were national buyers, representing a record 33 states! Our mission of driving national marketing paid off for our values and community once again!





























The low number of available homes for sale was the only limiting factor, as we still have roughly 150 buyers waiting…just looking for their Landings dream home to become available. As the chart below confirms, we remain a seller’s market with well under the four months of inventory, considered by our industry to be balanced inventory between buyers and sellers, with just 0.61 months and a scant 13 homes on the market as of December 31. We expect low inventory to be the state of affairs for much of 2023 in The Landings.






























However, we see the market already normalizing as buyers become much more discerning; the urgency, driven by COVID-19 ebbs; and interest rates have risen. Therefore, we may be riding a peak value period with comparable sales for valuing new listings being at all-time highs…at least in the short term.

You may be asking, “Why keep up this pace of national marketing?”  Buyers from outside of Savannah spend an average of 2.2 years from initial inquiry to home purchase. This market will balance at some point, and we will need the new buyers we’re engaging now to purchase homes in 2025 and beyond.

We have no doubt that we would have well over 350 home sales in The Landings in 2022, given The Landings Company’s buyer demand. We also continue to have the highest level of success in listings sold, as you can see below.

















Always looking forward, in December of 2022 we launched our new website (, which now enhances the user experience by holistically featuring all aspects of our community, real estate, and The Landings Golf & Athletic Club all in one site.

Previously hosted on two separate domains ( and, the new, cohesive website combines all the offerings into one modern, efficient, and user-friendly platform to engage and inspire our audiences.

While we operate as two separate businesses…The Landings Company and The Landings Golf & Athletic Club…we are one community, and having one place for interested buyers, residents, and Club members to access improves the experience for all.

The ultimate goal of the new website was to offer a user-friendly and technologically best-in-class site that highlights all of what The Landings offers through the lens of the members, residents, prospective residents, and staff. So whether visitors are looking for information on the community, searching for their dream home, or learning more about our Club, they will be immersed with photos, stories, and information of our truly unique lifestyle and world-class amenities, all in one website. We hope you like it!




















Your Company, The Landings Company!


The Landings Company is 100% self-funded from the sales commission revenue we generate. We continue to nationally market The Landings, which benefits all of our property values, with your support when selling your home, referring friends and family, or renting your home. Thank you for your support in 2022 and in advance for 2023!



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