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Lagoon Cutbacks – Palmetto

Staff are working in the Palmetto phase of the community this week on lagoon cutbacks. As a reminder, this program is completed inhouse and encompasses the uplifting of vegetation overhanging the lagoons along with the removal of woody and new growth around the lagoon banks. This is completed annually to improve the aesthetics of the lagoon while keeping the lagoon banks clear enough to allow adequate access for lagoon maintenance personnel. To date, the lagoon cutbacks in Moon River, Oakridge, and Deer Creek have been completed.

In addition, BrightView staff have completed the bush hogging of the Rookery Islands located at Lagoon 71. The goal is to remove any invasive plant species and improve the aesthetic of the island during non-nesting times. This work occurs one time per year and is part of our annual Landscape Contract.

Community Path Maintenance

Absolute Concrete began the replacement of a section of community path near the Oakridge Gazebo this week. This section had deteriorated beyond repair and required immediate replacement. Barring any plant delays, the path is scheduled to reopen early next week.

Absolute Concrete will return onsite on January 30 (when the golf course is closed) to repair the final connector from the path to the TLC-owned community path bridge. Since this is a jointly owned path (TLA/TLC), the expenses associated with replacement will be shared between both entities.


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