The Landings Journal Going Digital

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

This new year brings some exciting changes to The Landings Association’s communications, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Starting in February, The Landings Journal is moving to digital-only publications focused on Landings Association news. We no longer will offer paid or gratis advertising nor accept submissions from outside clubs and social organizations for the digital Landings Journal. Clubs and social organizations can continue to submit items for our weekly electronic news digest, Landings News & Notes, which will be published as space is available. Please allow at least a three-week lead time for all timely submissions so that we can work your items into the Enews schedule.

Don’t worry, we will continue to publish the news members need and want to know as well as columns from our island partners (e.g., The Landings Company, The Landings Golf & Athletic Club, Chatham Emergency Services, and First Responders).

We understand this is a change that none of us were expecting. However, when we learned that our printer, with whom we have been partnering for more than a decade and had grandfathered rates, is closing its facility in January, we had to make some quick decisions. After shopping the market and discussing the matter with our Board of Directors and Communications Committee, we realized that moving our publication to a digital platform was the most financially responsible decision. Additionally, it will allow us to do some fun, new things like link videos to our articles, delve deeper into topics of interest without space constraints, and, of course, save  money.

 Please watch for Landings Association emails detailing how to access our digital publication as more details become available.

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