Endpoint Communication Device Changeout Update

Courtesy of Utilities, Inc. of Georgia

The following message is courtesy of Utilities, Inc. of Georgia. Please direct all questions and comments to Utilities, Inc. (912-598-0736)

Due to the ever-changing world of technology the Endpoint Communication Device (ECD), located in your meter box, is being changed out and will cause slight delays in your EyeOnWater data. The ECD is our communication link that sends in your meter read daily. The current ECD uses 3G technology and most cell carriers are phasing that technology out.

While the majority of these ECD’s have been changed there are many that have been decommissioned sooner than expected. If you use EyeOnWater and notice missing data, please be patient as we work to get the remaining ECD’s changed and updated in our system. If you are not familiar with EyeOnWater please visit www.eyeonwater.com and sign up today. This is a great tool that allows you to track you water consumption and set leak alerts.

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