Landings Electronic Message Boards a Popular Vehicle for Communication

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

Is there a community event scheduled to take place in The Landings that you don’t want to miss? Is there a lane shift on the bridge? Is there information that you need to know that you can’t find out because your power is out? No worries; the information is yours in an instant, thanks to the electronic sign boards at The Landings.

Since late 2015, the electronic boards have been in place and remain one of our residents’ favorite means of displaying event information. According to Community Relations Representative Ashley Lloyd, there are a few things residents should keep in mind when requesting space on the electronic message boards.

“Residents are reminded that the content of the messages is limited to 16 characters per line, including spaces, and there are four lines available,” she said. “Because of the popularity of the boards, it is best to turn in message requests at least a month in advance, if possible. However, messages may not be submitted more than six months in advance.”

Residents may fill out a community events sign form online (

Although the Electronic Message Boards offer the option to display multiple messages, staff try to keep the number to no more than three per day. “We asked for resident feedback even before purchasing the electronic signs, and displaying many messages at once was one of the main concerns from a safety standpoint that we received,” she said. “We do our very best to stick to this commitment.”

For more information about the Electronic Message Boards, please email The Landings Association (

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