President's Update 12-21-2022

By Herman Stone
President, The Landings Association

On behalf of The Landings Association’s (TLA) Board of Directors, I wish you all a happy holiday season!

Having served on our Association’s Board of Directors, as Treasurer, for the past 12 months, I am pleased to report that our TLA is being managed effectively by a team of committed professionals. TLA’s Board consists of dedicated and engaged community leaders who have established a Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan to ensure we are a vibrant community reaching our full potential. I thank our retiring directors: Hal Duensing, Tony Martin, and Judy Monaco, and our retiring Ex Officio Director, John Holmquist, for their service to our community.

One discovery that impressed me most in joining the Board is the dedication and motivation of TLA’s staff. This staff is smart, articulate, and driven to improve the quality of life of our community. It is easy for me to state that our Association is run in a fiscally responsible and effective manner.

Be clear that these pronouncements are not just “Landings Happy Talk.” These are a few of the Association’s significant 2022 accomplishments:

  • Completed upgrading of nearly all community paths in order to improve safety and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Replaced the 30-year-old Islanders of Deer Creek Bridge using in-house staffing to reduce cost while maintaining high quality.
  • Justified a reduction in the Utilities Incorporated (UI) proposed 2023 water rates through a detailed analysis of their proposal.
  • To enhance the effectiveness of the Security Department officers, implementing a Training Captain position; note, no change in payroll costs.
  • Completed a successful independent audit of the Association financial records for 2021.
  • Implemented monthly payment plans option for the Annual Dues (Property Owners’ Assessment) to make it easier for residents to budget payments.

As we work towards improvements on The Landings, in 2023 we have a number of projects planned to protect our $60 Million in assets and improve our quality of life. Here are a few:

  • To effectively address the needs of our aging infrastructure, increase our 2023 reserves (major improvements and replacements) budget by 35% vs. the year-end estimate. The saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
  • Based on structural engineering analysis and related safety concerns, replace the 40-year-old Marsh Observation Tower (though this may be moved to 2024 to best coordinate timing with The Landings Golf & Athletic Club).
  • Continue use of the Association’s Pipe Crawler Camera to identify critical blockages and/or separation of storm drain pipes before failures occur.
  • Execute Phase One of the three-year Landings Harbor Marina Dry Stack Replacement project, allowing for more boat capacity, more effective storage, and managed cost control.
  • Oversee installation of a Landings-wide fiber optics project that will improve the quality and reliability of Internet service to our homes.
  • Conduct a traffic study to review current traffic patterns, trends, and best practices in support of The Landings’ safety program and culture.
  • Conduct a community-wide survey to ensure alignment of the community and Association priorities.
  • Enhance the synergistic relationship between The Landings Association, The Landings Golf & Athletic Club, and The Landings Company to enable leveraging resources and capabilities of the organizations for the benefit of our community.

We can’t do any of this without your help, input, and support. The Landings Association’s staff and Board are committed to the continued success of The Landings. We ask for your support by participating in TLA meetings, committees, events, surveys, and elections. In return, I can commit that we will keep you posted on our progress.

In closing, I provide special thanks to Judy Monaco, for her willingness to serve on our Board for a fourth year as Ex Officio. Additionally, special thanks go to our Board Ex Officio, John Holmquist, for also serving on our Board for four years, including two as Board President.

I’m looking forward to a productive and successful year. Thank you!




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