Letter To The Editor

By Maryce Cunningham
Chair, 50th Anniversary Communications Subcommittee

The Landings’ Golden Anniversary Year has come to a close! 2022 was a very special year for our community, focusing on its history and all that has been accomplished in our first 50 years. Throughout the year, we researched the founding and clearing of the island, reviewed the plotting of the various sections, met the early residents, viewed some of the oldest existing photos, focused on the development of the amenities, and saluted the growth and enhancement of years past. Additionally, we partied at Landings Community Park and the Landings Harbor Marina with a parade, kids’ events, food, and music. Hopefully, you learned something about your home island and increased your appreciation of its past and present.

We thank the members of the various 50th Anniversary Subcommittees and TLA staff who produced the celebratory activities and events. Many hours were spent in the planning and execution of the celebrations. We appreciate the sponsors who helped to make the celebrations possible, and we salute the residents who joined in the festivities, shared stories about the “olden days,” bought anniversary merchandise, created Golden Nuggets, and dug into their treasures providing memorabilia for all to enjoy.

Although the 50th Anniversary year is over, our 50th Anniversary webpage remains available online (www.landings.org/50th) and includes a wealth of information that grew and grew throughout the year.  Be sure to visit the webpage to take another journey through our first 50 years. If you thought the first 50 years were impressive, wait ’til you see the next 50!

Maryce Cunningham

Communications Subcommittee Chair
50th Anniversary Committee

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