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Building and Grounds Department 

Staff are working to complete the holiday preparations around the community this week. The work includes pressure washing around the gatehouses and exterior paint touchups. In addition to the work around the gatehouses, staff pressure washed all directional, monument, and street signs located throughout the community.  

Dog Park Maintenance

This week, staff, in conjunction with BrightView, performed maintenance at the Dog Park. This work included bringing in sand for the large park, removal of downfall, and bushhogging around the natural areas.

Beneficial Reuse Program

This week, staff continued placement of beneficial reuse material (from the street sweeping program) along areas adjacent the cart path with little to no ground cover. The reuse material provides a more aesthetically pleasing look than bare earth, while also helping mitigate the erosion of soils.

Road Tree Pruning Program – Palmetto

Staff continued work on the Annual Road Cutbacks program. This program is completed operationally and encompasses lifting the canopies over the roadways to provide proper heights for emergency vehicles and other large vehicles within the community. Staff are currently working in the Palmetto area of the community.

Pine Straw Application

The gatehouses along with TLA-owned buildings received an application of pine straw in preparation for the holiday season this week. This application is completed twice a year and is funded through our landscape contract with BrightView.

Lagoon Cutbacks – Moon River & Deer Creek

Staff began working on lagoon cutbacks in the Moon River and Deer Creek sections of the community. As a reminder, this program is completed operationally and encompasses the uplifting of vegetation overhanging the lagoons as well as removing woody and new growth around the lagoon banks. This is completed to help improve the aesthetics of the lagoon, while keeping the lagoon banks clear enough to allow adequate access for lagoon maintenance personnel.

BrightView Landscapes Flower Bed Transitions

This week, BrightView Landscapes began to replace the flower beds at TLA-owned facilities and gatehouses. These replacements are completed four times a year and are included within our annual landscape contract with BrightView. 

Lagoon 106 Community Path Bridge Replacement

Expert Marine completed the installation of the toe rail along the Lagoon 106 community path bridge and are in the process of installing the decorative rope railing. Next week, the contractor will begin cleaning up the project area and addressing any punch list items. The damaged concrete panel replacement is scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving when the concrete is available from the plant (it’s not available until the week of November 28, as the plant is shutdown the week of Thanksgiving).

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