President's Update 11-16-2022

Wed, 11/16/2022

By Judy Monaco
President, The Landings Association

The Pilgrims surely could not have made the treacherous journey to the New World and established a successful colony without a hefty dose of collaboration. With the holidays now upon us, many of us are partnering together with family and friends to put together various celebrations. Looking back to my childhood, I marvel at how my parents could work together to pull off Thanksgiving dinner for 20+ people. Maybe it was their many years together raising five children that enabled them to sail harmoniously through the chaos of the day…even that year when my sister smashed a pie into my brother’s face at the dinner table! I remember laughing hysterically. I remember that my parents did not. This message is devoted to celebrating the progress we make together when we all act in harmony as good partners.

Partnership: “[A] legal relation existing between two or more persons contractually associated as joint principals in a business.”

“[A] relationship resembling a legal partnership and usually involving close cooperation between parties having specified and joint rights and responsibilities.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Partnerships come in many forms, from marriages to formal business relationships. I think we can agree that all partnerships are a two-way street. They can only succeed when all partners communicate at every step, exercise mutual respect, and compromise to reach common goals. “It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” Charles Darwin

 The Landings Association forms critical partnerships with residents to drive our common goals on our many committees. TLA also has partnerships with The Landings Golf & Athletic Club and The Landings Company, vendors, government authorities, etc. In all of these partnerships, we each have individual interests and desires, however, must compromise to find solutions that work for the good of the community at large.

Every proposed change on the island, whether big or small, has an impact on our residents’ interests. Although a proposal may at first sound great on the surface, it is imperative that we investigate its feasibility and the potential impact on the community down the road (e.g., increased wear and tear on streets, increased need for security, increased need for parking, water usage, etc.). Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, we think it is always better to prevent the fire than to have to fight it later.

TLA’s foremost responsibility and commitment is to serve the residents by maintaining infrastructure and amenities, prudently managing dues, providing neighborhood security, and more. While everyone is not privy to TLA’s decision-making process, in my three years on the board I have witnessed the enormous time invested in reaching well-informed conclusions. Some of these decisions may not be popular or well understood, but they are driven by our responsibilities to the community as a whole, which are never up for negotiation or compromise.

In the spirit of the holidays, let’s celebrate this special community we have created together, and let’s continue to work together to preserve its unique vibe. With this, my last President’s message, I wish you all very happy holidays that are free of pie-throwing or other unexpected drama.




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