50th Anniversary Golden Nugget: Skidaway Island Volunteer Fire Department

By Richard Burke
50th Anniversary History Subcommittee

The Skidaway Island Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1976. A modern fire engine (pumper) was purchased, and the volunteers trained one night a week. The Branigar Organization provided a temporary building on Landings property, which also served as a local church. Each Sunday the fire truck was pulled out and chairs and a makeshift pulpit were set up for services. 

In 1978, Union Camp Corporation donated 1.15 acres to the Skidaway Island Fire Department as the location for a permanent fire facility. The new station was completed in 1980, 400 feet north of The Landings' entrance on McWhorter Drive.

In 1983, in conjunction with the Fire Department volunteers, a group called  First Responders was formed. This group of highly-trained volunteers still respond today whenever an emergency is reported on Skidaway Island.

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