Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

Automated System Goes LIVE in November 

In July, I wrote the following announcement:

Many of you may know that the Main Gate Volunteer Program was terminated when COVID-19 began impacting our local area. These remarkable men and women assisted our community by answering a telephone at the Main Gate and entering guests and vendors into our Access Management software, commonly referred to as ABDi. Their contributions assisted us with approximately 1.2 full-time equivalent employees. Due to the continued high call volume and the desire not to replace the void with adding Security Officers, we will be transitioning to an automated system for the preauthorized guest and vendor telephone line at the Main Gate (912-598-1982). For those residents who still choose to call in their guests and vendors, you now will use an automated attendant. After the automated attendant answers the call, you will enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN), state the name of your guest or vendor, and provide the dates they are authorized to visit. If you are like me and do not care for automated attendants, please consider using www.GateAccess.Net or downloading ABDi’s Gate Access app on your smartphone or tablet to preauthorize your guests and vendors. The steps to log in are simple. Upon entering the website or the app, you will need the information below.

  • The Community Code is TLA
  • Your Username is your primary email address TLA has on file
  • Your Password is your TLA Personal Identification Number (PIN)”

Beginning in November, the automated system to preauthorize your guests, vendors, deliveries, etc., via the phone will go online. If you haven’t already switched to GateAccess.Net or ABDi app, now is a great time to make the transition.

Crime Wave

As you can imagine, crime waves often sweep the nation in predictable cycles and patterns. One pattern is south-to-north waves. Several communities in South Florida, including communities with armed Security Officers, advanced, high-tech perimeter intrusion detection systems, and significantly more security officers per property owner than The Landings, have reported a significant increase in vehicle thefts. Below is an email recently shared by a General Manager of an HOA in South Florida.

“Please do not allow yourself to be a victim of vehicle theft by ensuring you lock your vehicles and take the key fob (keys) with you whenever you park your vehicle in your driveway, day or night. No security system or program can 100% guarantee the prevention of crime. It is multiple layers of protection, including the simple locking of vehicles, that will prevent vehicle theft from taking place.”

That is good advice from a seasoned veteran. Take a step further; secure all your valuables and take necessary precautions to add to those “layers of security.”

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