COVID-19 Data from the Coastal Health District

There were three newly reported cases and zero reported deaths this week in the 31411 zip code. It is important to note that one death previously assigned to 31411 has been reassigned to a different location.

Second COVID-19 Booster Available at Village Walk Pharmacy. 

Village Walk Pharmacy provides the following COVID-19 series of vaccinations:

1. First COVID-19 Vaccine 

2. Second COVID-19 Vaccine 

3. First COVID-19 Booster 

4. Second COVID-19 Booster

If interested in a booster, please visit to make an appointment. Patients can print the consent form found on the website. Please bring the form and your Medicare Card with you to your appointment.  

Village Walk Pharmacy is located at the corner of Lake Street and Village Walk (1 Skidaway Village Walk) in the center of The Village. For more information, please call 912-598-8669



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