On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Motor Vehicle Crash

On September 2, Security and CCPD responded to a single vehicle crash at the 4-way (McWhorter Drive and Diamond Causeway). The driver of the vehicle appeared to have lost control of the vehicle, hit the curb, and then departed the scene in another vehicle. CCPD was contacted by the driver’s grandfather who assisted CCPD, and a tow truck retrieved the vehicle. No injuries were reported.


Tidewater Square

On September 7, A resident provided Security staff photos of a large truck in Tidewater Square. The vendor was contacted and reminded about our prohibition of large trucks in this area, and a fine was issued. Staff continue to monitor this area as resources are available, and to evaluate long-term solutions.           

Suspicious Person

On September 4, Security responded to a suspicious person reported in the Dame Kathryn area. The man was carrying a trash bag and not wearing a shirt. A search of the area was conducted without finding anyone matching this description or acting suspicious. No other calls were received regarding suspicious persons in the area.

Unauthorized Fishing

On September 4, Security made contact with a person fishing in the Village lagoon, and upon interacting with him discovered he was not a resident. The Rule requiring a resident to accompany him while fishing in TLA lagoons was explained, and he immediately left the area.

Annual ASIS GSX Convention

Tim Cook, Sgt. Bundy, Sgt. Waclawski, and Sgt. Roberts will be attending one of the security industry’s largest events in Atlanta next week. The Global Security Exchange hosts hundreds of vendors displaying cutting edge technology. Guest speakers and conferences scheduled throughout the event provide opportunities for networking and keep us abreast on the industry’s best practices. Mobile camera solutions will be evaluated as a long-term solution for large truck violations, as mentioned above, in Tidewater Square.

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