Faster Than the Speed of Light Not Recommended!

Courtesy of Landings Security

In your travels around The Landings, chances are you’ve noticed Security’s Radar Trailer. This tool helps drivers keep an eye on their speed to ensure they are traveling within the designated speed limit for their safety and the safety of others. Since Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) has jurisdiction in The Landings, it also could prevent you from getting a speeding ticket. 

Passing the radar will indicate your speed, and it will beep red if you are traveling faster than the posted speed limit. (Typically, there is a five MPH differential in the posted speed limit before the Radar Trailer will begin flashing red.) Periodically, Landings Security places the radar in various areas of the community for approximately two weeks and then analyzes the data to help identify speed-prone areas. Click here to watch a video as Corporal Eric Haile, and Officer Connor Duquette explain how the Radar Trailer works. 

If you want to request the Radar Trailer on your street or in a specific community area, please email


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