Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

Automated Attendant

I mentioned in my July Journal article that we will be transitioning to an automated attendant at the Main Gate to answer calls for preauthorizing guests and vendors. As we transition to this system, residents are reminded that other options are available through the GateAccess website ( and the ABDi GateAccess app for smartphones and tablets. General Manager Karl Stephens did an outstanding job demonstrating these two efficient options in 2015. If you are not using the GateAccess app or GateAccess website to preauthorize your expected arrivals, please check out the GateAccess Online Tutorial (, GateAccess iOS Tutorial (, and GateAccess Android Tutorial (

Possible theft from auto prevented!

On a Friday night in July, at approximately 11:30 p.m., a white male (18-23 years old) with light brown hair and a yellow tee shirt, attempted to enter a resident’s vehicle parked in their driveway. The resident noticed the possible thief and yelled from inside her home. The area was immediately searched, but the wanna-be thief was not located.

As many of you know, security is not accomplished by a single activity, a few mitigating policies or procedures, or a single physical barrier or device. Like maintaining your health, there is no single “magic bullet”. The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) glossary (2006) defines layered security as a physical security approach that requires a criminal to penetrate or overcome a series of security layers before reaching the target. The more layers, typically, the more effective the security strategy. As the criminal gets closer to the target, the more difficult it should be for them to overcome the security measure or device. The “ingredients” for layered security include access management, perimeter and physical security, education, patrol officers, alarm systems, and response. Sometimes large amounts of money are required to “harden” a target, which would include measures such as securing our community paths into the community and erecting a more substantial perimeter fence. However, other actions do not cost much, if anything, in comparison. For instance, the simple act of locking your vehicle and household doors and securing your valuables have proven to be an effective layer of security and countermeasures to crime. In this case, the vehicle’s locked doors were integral to stopping this potential crime. As you read this article, are your doors secure?

Due Diligence

Another security strategy is ensuring you properly vet your vendors and associates. Too often, I am approached by a resident who has had a bad experience with a vendor. The complaints range from failure to complete or start work, to price gouging, to having to hire another vendor to fix shoddy work, to theft. The Better Business Bureau (BBB), court records, and background checks are a few great resources to accomplish your due diligence. The Landings Association (TLA) has a Service Provider Rating form online ( to complete for good and not-so-good reviews of vendors you hired. Typically, TLA cannot get involved in a third-party dispute and will not ban a vendor from the community based on a civil issue between a resident and a vendor. You can find tips on selecting a contractor at You are ultimately responsible for your financial security. Take measures to protect yourself, and as my grandmother often said, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”
























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