President's Update 7-27-2022

By Mark Winters -
President, The Landings Association

During the dog days of summer, we all try to beat the heat by engaging in activities early in the morning or very late afternoon to avoid the heat of our summer days. If we can, we shorten our outdoor activities to the time before the summer sun scorches the day or when the evening begins and the day shakes off the excess heat.

One of the groups of dedicated Landings Association staff who work straight through the heat of summer is TLA’s Security Team. They work to maintain public safety and general security within our community through education of residents, community outreach, crime prevention activities, and cooperative working relationships with other Skidaway Island entities as well as with Chatham County Police Department and Chatham Emergency Services. We most often see these individuals at the gate, completing one of their primary duties, which is access control or the authorization of vehicles entering the community through one of The Landings’ seven gates. On average, more than 17,000 vehicles pass through security gates each month, which requires preauthorization and verification of the vehicles. Yet this is only one of their daily duties. In addition, our Security Team monitors more than 60 cameras that provide full-time video in the community. Also, patrol officers monitor 91 miles of roads and 30 miles of community paths. As well, they respond to emergencies, residents’ calls, and requests for security checks.

Even in the dog days of summer, the First Shift of our Landings Security Team begins its day at 6:45 in the morning and works through 2:45 in the afternoon until Second Shift relieves them. First Shift is composed of a sergeant, two corporals, and six officers. These men and women deal with a wide variety of routine duties as well as any situations and emergencies that arise. Sergeant Jill Waclawski leads this team. Jill began working for TLA in 2009 after having worked for the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. Jill also has a degree in Criminal Justice. Assisting Jill are two corporals, Katrice Hill and Veronica Bryant. Katrice has worked for TLA since 2014 after having served in the military. Veronica, who is working on a degree in Forensic Science, manages the North Gate operations, which includes screening vendors and contractors.

Additionally, six Security Team Members complete the staff of the First Shift. Elliott McDougal has been with TLA since 2019, utilizing his education, which includes dual degrees in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Ryan Harris, whose 7ft. 2in. frame is easily recognized at the gate, joined the Security Team in 2021. Melanie Thompson began working with Security this year, bringing her law enforcement experiences from working with the Port Wentworth Police Department. Rhonda Clement brings customer relations experience from the hospitality and retail industry to her work greeting visitors and residents at the Main Gate. Tiko Greene excelled during training and became a member of the Security Team in October 2021. Samantha Parker is the newest member of the Security Team and has quickly learned the routines and high expectations of The Landings.

As we pass through the gates entering The Landings or see our Security Team working through the heat of the summer, let’s don a smile and give a wave of appreciation for their dedication to our community.

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