General Manager's Update

Karl Stephens -
General Manager/COO

Dear Landings Association Members,

As we near the fall, your Association now is fully into budgeting season. We are incorporating how current and future expenses have been impacted by inflation and other issues. One trend we are noticing is more failures of aging infrastructure, including storm drain pipes and electrical cabling, than we have seen in the past. We will address that in an upcoming Budget Box.

Meanwhile, we have moved the budgeting process up a little earlier than normal, as next year it will be time for our three-year property owner dues (Assessment) vote. We plan to hold Budget Workshops starting this October to provide clear details to the community on where our budget is heading now and into the future, and to answer any community questions. Please read more about how our budget is created in this month’s Budget Box.

Progress continues on replacing the Landings Harbor dry storage rack system. Through contractors, we have been studying the condition of the property, including the existing footers, to determine what may be reused for new racks. Originally, this project was scheduled as a refurbishment, but it has become apparent a full replacement is required, due to the larger sizes of boats than when the system was first installed several decades ago. At this point, we plan a phased approach, replacing one rack a year, beginning later this year, which also should lead to less disruption to boaters. We are in the process of finalizing multiple bids to bring to the Marinas and Finance Committees, as well as to the Board of Directors, for review and ultimate approval.

Good progress continues to be made on our new smartphone app. Besides providing a one-stop shop for information for new and current residents, this app also should replace our SeeClickFix app, as well as our Smart911 notifications. We want to make learning about and interacting with your community as easy as possible. When the app is far enough along, we will begin enlisting beta testers to help us work out the bugs before a wider release to the community. First appearances show an aesthetically pleasing, easy to use app, and we are excited to share this with the community when it is ready for launch.

Don’t forget the 50th Anniversary celebration on September 10, from 3-7 p.m., at Landings Harbor. There will be live music from the Yacht Club Band, food trucks, a horse-drawn carriage, and more. We will have more details as the event approaches, so look for emailed highlights soon.

Finally, now is a good time to remind the community that schools will soon be back in session, leading to more traffic on our roadways. Please be mindful and courteous when out and about.

As always, if you have feedback to share or questions to clear up, please drop me a line (


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