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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Tidewater Square Maintenance

This week, new sod was installed in Tidewater Square as part of the 2022 Maintenance Project for this area of the community. Staff are in the process of scheduling the contracts for the repair of the damaged, deteriorated brick within the roadway. Once a timeframe has been finalized, staff will communicate details to the community.

Mailbox and Sign Painting Program- Contract

On Wednesday, JF Paint (Flowers Painting), began the annual Mailbox and Sign Painting Program. This program consists of painting approximately 1/3 of the community’s mailboxes and street signs and is funded operationally. This year’s project scope includes Priest Landing Drive and all side streets, Bartram Road and all side streets, and Landings Way North (from Deer Run) and all side streets, excluding Timberlake Drive. The program is anticipated to take two months to complete. Please use caution when driving around the areas where JF Paint is working.

2022 Community Path Program

As part of the annual maintenance program, Absolute Concrete continued to repair damaged concrete community path panels in Moon River this week.

2022 Storm Drain Project

Southeast Pipe completed lining sections of damaged storm drain pipes along Chatuachee Crossing this week. The contractor will progress to pipes near Willeford Drive later this month.


Storm Swale Cutbacks

Staff completed cutbacks along the ditch swales that run along Bartram Road this week. The removal of vegetation in these areas will help improve the water flow within the ditch system, while reducing the amount of standing water in some areas.

Lagoon Dredging in Lagoon 133 and 109

This week, contractors completed dredging sections of Lagoon 133 (which is adjacent to the Deer Creek Clubhouse) and Lagoon 109 (located off Fiddler Crab Lane). This project consisted of the utilization of an excavator which removed material from a sediment island that had formed over time in the lagoon. The material was then removed from the site to be used as backfill for future projects. As a reminder, the dredging program is funded operationally.










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